Health post Support

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We find health condition is one another big problem around in remote villages. If we talk about Solukhumbu district, it has only one big hospital located at Phaplu. This is out of access for poor people by the way of distance and economy. As well there are not sufficient health center thus people are suffering/ dyeing even from not getting a pill of Medicare. Basa foundation has met some kind donor from France they are financing for medicine at Khastap health post since 3 years back.

Primary School Basa

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Children from Basa 6 have to walk 2 hours for the school. Suppose who are like the age above 10 can go to school but lower than that age children miss their education due to unable of walking. Concerning this difficulties one kindergarten building with 4 rooms by the help of “Babu Tsiri foundation” Canada in 2002 and other with 2 rooms by “Sollhimal” France in 2006 was built in mutual participation between public and donor.

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