Our Ojectives

Aims & Objectives

Our organization, Basa Foundation, has been established to accomplish following major objectives.

    1. Empower to poor family/children, women and oppressed group in sustainable education opportunities.
    2. Encourage women and poor people for skillful training by which they at least improve their lives.
    3. Provide health and environmental education by the key of societal campaign.
    4. provide the concept of mal-nutrition, maternity and family planning system to the society.
    5. Activate the society for sanitation, water irrigation, rubbish and traditional oven management and deforestation.
    6. Provide different types of inspirer playing instrument for mental improvement and physical development of children.
    7. Motivate the poor farmer into modern agro system by attempting them to the skillful training and seminars.
    8. Building Bridge, Medical center/consultancies, community hall, track/path in remote village etc.