Current Projects

Current Projects

Drinking water project

Drinking water operating system in Basa is uphill to downhill by setting cisterns and pipe. Clean water is very lack during the dry season; Villagers must carry water in buckets from the river or from cisterns to homes for all uses.
Considering the better and healthy life, Basa village foundation USA is going to give clean water system project. This will be in-taking at Aaitabare Pani (nearby Maurikhola River) then extending network throughout the whole village. The planned system will deliver water to an external spigot at each home for drinking, cooking, and washing also will be useful for bathroom and toilets installation in future. The fund is completely supported by Basa village Fondation USA and villagers will provide all labor to build the water distribution system.

Proct Area


Country : NEPAL
District : Solukhumbu
VDC : Basa
Town/Village : Basa – 6

Project Type



Local situation  

Basa – 6 villages is one of the remote and underdeveloped villages of eastern Nepal. There had been hardly any development works from the government side. The only help the village has been receiving is through its thoughtful foreign friends and well wishers who have tilled now supported and contributed in several projects in the village and helped in the development of the community.
Still there are several other fields where Basa needs a lot of help to rise itself from its current poor label and one of this will be the proper drinking water system for the village. There had been many years ago some similar project but due to lack of budget it was just not completed properly and day by day it is getting in worse condition and not every house gets water.



The main aim of this program target to provide safe drinking water and avoid different health problems caused by the unclean water source so, that the villagers can be more healthy and aware of the importance of safe drinking water.

Solutions or
actions to be taken


Because of population increment and lack of environment consciousness, the water sources are getting polluted everyday and also getting short everyday and so, many people suffer from water related diseases time to time so, to avoid it and provide better environment and safer drinking water, Basa foundation wants to make better water source and better supply to supply clean drinking water into the through pipe system, reserve tank place to place and tap in every house.

The goals are:
Distributing clean and safe drinking water to every home through pipe system and tap to control the water flow.
Raise awareness among the local population.
Protection of the villagers from different water related diseases.

Fix pipe to every house with a tap and link the pipe to different reserve tanks in different location above the village.

Broadcast information about the necessary protection of the water sources and use of safe drinking water through the distribution of brochures or holding a local meeting.

Train local people about the protection and maintenance of this system for future.

 Intended Results:
Each house will have better water supply and can get clean, safe drinking water.
Better health of all villagers specially the small children’s.
Local people will protect the main water sources.
The word will be spread in the villages around.

Type of work, describe

Fixing of water pipes all over the village.

Making some big tanks for reserving the water so that even in dry season water supply will be easier.

Designing information play card about water conservation.



Most of the necessary materials have been already sent. The project will actively starts at the end of November 2013 and may take 3 months to be completed. Members of Basa foundation go to the village and call the grand meeting to inform & getting labour donation from the villagers for the construction.



Demographic and socio economical information on the beneficiaries/population impacted

It benefits directly to Ward No. 6. The settlement of these ward 62 families.

Total populations:
120 -men
150 –women
And several animals ..................


Children Sponsorship

The exciting message is that the solhimal (INGO) France is giving schooling sponsorship for very poor family in different sector; this has encouraged them to send children to the school. Otherwise children were attempting field work together with their parents or animal watcher or at pottering beside the school. This campaign had brought a big remarkable change in the sector of education however still there are many poor children have been left to bring in track of education

Teacher's salary

The school is running up to grade (class) five and 5 teachers are teaching about 120 students in this school. There are 5 teachers among them 4 are ladies because we want to uplift and empower women skills and knowledge within the society. Only one teacher is supporting from the Nepal government and rest of others are by the donation and individual help. These teachers are receiving just half of government scale salary, thus our deep intention is to bring it up to the demanding level and promote school and teachers. We are trying to employ more teachers for computer as well as for nursery level.