Future Projects

Future Projects

Path construction

Communication and transportation are key factors for improve the life and develop the society. Comfortable path construction is additional option of economy generation to unlimited people. While tourist and local follow the track then local people will have a chance to exchange their commodities into cash.
Falling animals and people from narrow path is prevailing danger. Single afford is impossible to construct, Government plan is away from hope. Thus to bring sustainable changes appropriate path construction is necessary. We can’t pick the life of people by giving but we can make them subsistence by creating chances of opportunities.

Community Hall

The most and strongly necessary is community building or hall at village because to set local program during rain and school running time is very difficult for place. If, we build a community building we can use such as both office building and cultural building. Thus if some people are interested you are very welcome to bring this dream to make true among the people of Basa.

Toilet and Septic tank

In near future we are planning to activate bathroom, toilet and septic tank throughout the village. It is very important for health and environment protection as well as sanitation. This is possible while there is a sure water facility thus after spigot drinking water project to every home will bring the basic expected alternative option.

Suspension Bridge.

One another big and highlighted plan is to build suspension bridge at Maurikhola along the Ghrangkyam. This path connects conveniently several villages from lower to upper khumbu region. Also it is an easier track to get health center and higher secondary school at Khastap. Very hardly local people are following this track due to the difficulties and scary trail along the cliff. This suspension bridge will benefits People from Sotang, waku, Kanku,Takshindu, Mugli, Juvig, Deusa, Nele, Sallery V.D. C. etc and approximate lengthen of the bridge will be 130 meters.

Health Rescue Fund

People from remote villages are dying even from small health problem. In one hand there are no fast transportation facilities and in other hand they have no economical support. In case sick people are transported to Kathmandu or somewhere else for treatment, the prevailing system is donation collection. This system doesn’t seem any reliable and effective for time to time. Thus, Basa foundation has decided to start a fund for health rescue. Everyone from everywhere can drop any amounts for this project and this will be used only for those people who are really very poor and back warded.