School Construction

School Construction project by Basa Foundation. Currently the school has 6 rooms and there are 200 childredn, 5 teachers and 1 school staff.


Basa foundation has immence concern about the de-forestation and its impact on global warming and climate change. We made some endevours to plant tree in the bare hills of Solukhumbu District.


We are not only working on the infrastracure and environment preservation but also raising awareness among the rural people on various aspect of living as well as their surroundings.

Smoke-Controller Oven

Many households in rural Nepal are using fire-wood as their prime source of fuel. The traditional oven consume high amount of firewood and produce unhealthy smoke. We had installed advance smoke-controlled oven in these houses.

Rural Electrification

Though Nepal has great potential of Electricity, people in rural village has nightmare about electricity. It is still beyond their capacity so we help them with mini-hydro projects to produce electricity at their own perifiry.


Basa foundation is community based non- profit, non-government, non-political and non-religious social organization. This organization aims to up–lift minimum quality of life through the key of education, health and sanitation, environment and culture in backwarded community. Our vision is simply: chances to be assisted, and chances to be involved without any discrimination at any basic global services, amenities and adequate protection or emerging model sustainability to bring progress without destroying their paradise. We want to develop, improve and equipped inclusively taking the way of long term benefit to bring a large change in the life of Back warded people on co- ordination with individually and institutionally.We heartily respect our partners for their supports and suggestions over the projects of human scale; that direct benefit their priorities and concerns. Basa foundation welcomes and thanks you all for your kind efforts and help to bring tangible changes in lives of back warded “Let’s make a grateful life by putting hands over hands”.

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Basa Foundation, in brief...

Our Team

We are a group of professional and young entrepreneurs from various business sectors and various social backgrounds. We are committed to serve the community voluntarily at our own wish and working actively since last 5 years. Sevring the backward society...

Who we are?

Basa foundation is community based non- profit, non-government, and non-political, non-religious social organization. Our main head office is based at Kathmandu but our working field is scatter into the poor and back-warded community throughout Nepal....

What we do?

Our mission is simply: chances to be assisted, and chances to be involved without any discrimination for Education, Health, Sanitation, Construction path/ bridge, school, Environmental awareness and providing training opportunity to develop ..

What we did?

We want every project should be sustainable and long term beneficial. Our deep intention is any how we must upgrade the lives of poor people. To up lift such a basic communities we have already lead the Electric project, Health post support, child sponsorship...